Howard Simon Shows His Musical Range In “Visitors” EP

There’s something to be said about music that can take you on a journey. Whether it be a trip down the writer’s memory lane or a new story altogether it’s incredible to be transported somewhere else just with a singer’s voice and lyrics. Howard Simon’s ep Visitor is the embodiment of this. A self-proclaimed “span of musical consciousness” Visitor gives the listener a musical range of sorts. San Francisco-based Howard Simon has written an album that has literally spanned most of his life, and with it a whole lot of life lessons. In this EP you get a limitless amount of wisdom on love and life all while being serenaded by a very talented artist.

It’s ridiculously impressive how easily Howard Simon makes it all his own.

Howard Simon Plays With Multiple Genres

His songs almost have this campfire-feel to it. You can almost see the bonfire in front of you as he strums his guitar. But it’s also got some other incredible aspects to it.

Simon plays with an easygoingness that you can’t help but be into it. He sings with this sort of storyteller vibe easily creating these characters and stories in between his lyrics that you can really see. “In Her Name” for example he tells us about this she who is “always and never the same”. He paints a crystal clear picture for each track, sprinkling in little anecdotes in between bits of wisdom.

On top of that he plays with a couple of different sounds, which is ridiculously impressive. He gives us this album that really spans not only years of writing but through genres of soft folk into an almost hard rock sound. Even more impressive is how easily Simon transitions through vocal stylings and how well all his songs, though written at different points of life, can still flow so well together.

Howard Simon has really created something unique. With his impressive storytelling tactics, he really takes his listeners through his musical conscious and he does it well.

You can check out the rest of his music here, as well as his Facebook here.

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