New Single ‘I Want to Marry You’ Had Fans at Hello (Forever)

Art pop collective Hello Forever releases the music video to their fourth single, “I Want to Marry You” in preparation of their debut album, Whatever It Is, available later this month. This rotating group of talented musicians reminds listeners that all kinds of love is in the air with their feel-good 60’s aesthetic and hippie commune lifestyle.

Closer than family

Hello Forever is the product of what might’ve happened if The Beatles ever crossed the pond to procreate with the States’ beloved Beach Boys. The group plays together, eats together, and sleeps together at what was once a nudist commune outside Santa Monica. Per their Spotify bio, the members rehearse five days a week, no exceptions. They use this time to hone what Clash music site calls, “60s West Coast sound with something a little more raw, DIY, and underground.”

Initially, Samuel Joseph, lead vocalist and head of the group, handpicked each member. He adopted talent from “various beach bonfires, club gigs, art school gallery expositions, and meditation retreats throughout greater Los Angeles.” Given their roots, it’s easy to see why the band emanates quintessential “California sound.” Along with Joseph, its core members include co-founder Andy Jimenez, Molly Pease, Jaron Crespi, Joey Briggs, and Anand Darsie.

While wonderfully unique in their own ways, each member of the collective shares a common set of beliefs in global harmony and optimism for the future. This radiates from their songs with such a joyful energy that one starts to wonder, why not pack up and move to Topanga?

Say hello, get hitched, and listen forever: steps 1-3

Hello Forever’s new single begins with a steady procession of “oohs,” followed by repetitive chanting that gives the track a ceremonial vibe. Joseph’s lulling voice caresses the soundwaves, backed by plucky strings and a skipping record. This track is filled with an intriguing blend of genres that spans from doo-wop to jazz scatting and, of course, those obliging harmonies.

Unlike their other, more jovial tracks, “I Want to Marry You” tones down the collective’s typical bouncy euphoria and substitutes it with a subdued, hypnotic beat that comes across as steady and supportive as the marriage you’ve always wanted. The video seldom shows shots of the group members on their own, furthering the concept that where one goes, the others are not far behind, cultivating a strong sense of community.  If the rest of upcoming album Whatever It Is sounds anything like this track, we can hardly wait to hear it.

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