IBG Interview – 8 Questions With CLO

We always love finding artists early in their career that the passion and work ethic for major success. Our recent discovery CLO has a lot going for her this year including a new producer and huge shows. We caught up with CLO to get a little behind the scenes of this rising star. Enjoy the interview here:

First off, where did the moniker CLO come from?

Actually, it is just a short spelling for Chloe, my given name. Lol. It does get attention though.

How would you describe your sound?

Pop & R&B mainly, but I will be working with a new producer soon.  The new sound will have a very alternative rock/ pop feel mixed with R&B influences.

We hear you’re going into the studio in 2019 with a Grammy-nominated producer. Would you like to share more with us?

Hello, and Happy New Year! Yes, I will be going into the studio with Grammy-nominated producer Warren Huart, and I couldn’t be more excited. My creative process always starts with picking up my pen, and basically pouring my heart out into my journal! I then look through my ideas and piece them into songs.

You have been playing many high profile shows in the LA area lately. What is your recipe for success?

Yes, I have been playing some pretty cool shows around LA and I feel very humbled every time I get on stage. My recipe for success is to always to be prepared… Luck favors the prepared! Also always plenty of drinking water and getting a good nights sleep.

Please share with us your recent big opener at The Rose in Pasadena!
Opening up for Dev at The Rose was such an electric show. When I take on a new audience I always make sure to open up with a song that will grab their attention… Then they are hooked for the whole set!

What your approach to writing and your creative process?
I feel my approach to writing and performing is my own unique take on the current pop / R&B scene… I am trying to stay authentic to myself, but am still so inspired by the greats of the genre.

Who are some of your favorite modern artists?
I am always on the hunt for new artists that I vibe with! My current favs are Billie Eilish, Sza, Buddy, and Daniel Caesar.

Playing The legendary WHISKY must have been a rush! Tell us about this experience!
My recent show at The Whisky was so much fun. The energy of that spot is so badass, and the crowd was amazing! Performing on the Strip is always exciting because you never know who is going to pop in. The legacy of that part of Hollywood is really what sets it apart from other places around LA.

Thank you so much for your time CLO. Here is big success in 2019 and beyond.
Thank you for chatting with me! So much fun. Stay tuned for my new album, and follow me on social media!

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