IBG Interview – 7 Questions With… Vshali Sanas

There are amazingly talented artists all over this wonderful globe of ours. Music is truly universal. We discovered Vshali Sanas, a pop singer who hails from India and is now based in Los Angeles. She brings in the influence of her upbringing to create a truly unique sound. Her debut album is due for release later in 2019.

We caught up with Vshali to have her let us more into her world. Enjoy the interview here:

Hello Vshali, please introduce yourself and tell us about your background in music.
Vivacious and a free spirit! I love creativity and sports. It’s hard to detach entrepreneurial mindset off me.
Music; I learned Hindustani classical music back in India for few years and continued studying western contemporary in Los Angeles. I like Pop, R&B and Indian folk music but I listen to almost all genres.

Tell us about being in the studio currently, how is the recording process going?
The recording studio feels like home! It’s always a great feeling to be there. The current recording process is going very well, I’m excited!

Any New Year resolutions?
Yes, a few. Firstly, I want to explore my own country ‘India’ before going around the International ones, since last 2-3 years I have just visited (outside) US, Europe South Africa. Then, releasing my EP and reading 24 books until the next New Years (2 per month).

Upcoming tour plans?
Visiting India soon for football and music work, and Spain too.

What is the single most challenging part of being an independent artist?
That you have to do almost everything on your own, like composing, producing, songwriting etc, at least in the beginning. And the difficulty of finding the right guidance to move forward. just a lot of R & D and homework!

What is the greatest part of being an independent artist?
The Independence!!

How many new songs can your fans expect from the latest studio project and how do we get it?
2-3 new songs I’m working on. It will be up on Spotify, Itunes, Icloud and other such platforms. Stay tuned!!

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