Intruder 424 Release “Make It Out Alive”

It doesn’t get any more organic than watching musicians come together in perfect harmony on screen, and although they’re not in the same room for the “Make It Out Alive” video, the players who make Intruder 424’s latest single come to life show us just how unforced the magic they produce is in this all-new visual companion. Of course, Intruder 424 themselves are the star of this show, but in putting them in this sort of a setting for “Make It Out Alive,” it makes it impossible for anyone to accuse these guys of having a synthetic continuity to their sound. This is real artistry in action, and beyond its lyrical message, it’s a song that demonstrates the creative wit and wisdom of its creators too brilliantly to be ignored.  

The lyrics resonate with the isolated feel of the last few years in alternative rock overall, but I will say that the melodies in this track are anything but claustrophobic. In response to trending surrealism in rock music, it would seem that Intruder 424 is creating its own twist on a new sound within the industry that, for their purposes, focuses on the atmospheric tones that bind their sound more than it does the blunt tonal smothering of an ultra-tight master mix.

By going this route, a single like “Make It Out Alive” feels light and efficient despite its weighty substance, and in this climate, I think that’s somewhat of a better fit for the modern pop/rock consumer.

I just got into the music of Intruder 424 in 2022, but judging from the growth they are showing just in this release of recent studio work, their trajectory is pointed towards stardom over irrelevancy for sure. I love how evocative some of the more subtle details in “Make It Out Alive” are, and if given a little more time to get the metal-inspired elements of their sound sharpened, I don’t see where Intruder 424 wouldn’t find as big a following in the American mainstream with their style of play as they have in the American underground. The future looks good for this act, and after hearing “Make It Out Alive,” I think you’re going to agree.

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Thank God for two young dudes like this that have real talent and are also great people. They may be tighter than any musical duo out there today.

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