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For some musicians, 2020 has been a slow year for their work. However, this is not the case for Jack J Hutchinson. So far, he has released a lockdown album called Who Feeds The Lockdown? It features a selection of tracks from various projects and says “This is essentially the setlist that audiences would have seen us play live over the summer festival season”. Not only that, but he has also released Three Bootlegs Live Album from shows at Esquires (Bedford), Leo’s Red Lion (Gravesend) and HRB Festival.

Hutchinson is not planning to slow down either, as he is currently working on his next studio album The Hammer Falls. To get the world ready for it, he has released the track “World On Fire”, co-written with bandmates Lazarus Michaelides (bass) and Felipe Amorim (drums). He says “We wrote and recorded World On Fire in the middle of a remote forest in Brazil. It had an incredible vibe that pushed us to try new things. I actually slept on the floor of the studio whilst I was there to really soak it up. It was an incredible time”.

What does this new track have to offer? Straight away, the opening riffs show the “World On Fire” means business. His guitar has a mean streak about it with Hutchinson’s vocals having a growl-like feel to its tone. They are used to add bite to the opening lines “Just like the seasons that keep on turning / You cut a hole right into my heart / Like the fuel to my fire, it’s burning / And tears me down right back to start”.

The vocals soften with the arrival of the chorus. Less power means the lines “Set the world on fire / Light the fuse that lies within / Set the world on fire / Let’s rip it up and start again” have more of an impact. As the song progresses, the change of moods between the hook and verse is captivating to hear. 

Speaking about captivating, his guitar solo during the instrumental break is sublime. The music slows down and sets the stage for Hutchinson’s guitar skills to steal the spotlight. He plays in a naturally flowing manner that is hypnotic. As the song comes to a close, he uses the chorus to bring things to an end.

Jack J Hutchinson and his guitar are not messing about with ‘World on Fire’

“World On Fire” is yet another fantastic showing of the musical talents of Jack J Hutchinson. Not only because of his trademark guitar skills, but his lyrical and vocals too. Hopefully, it is not too long before he offers another single, or better still the new album. Why may you ask? Because you need more by this talented musician.

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