Take a sip of Jack Nolan’s new album JINDABYNE

Everyone’s covid lockdown experience was different. Catastrophe can strike at any moment, and it struck in a way none of us could have imagined. Jack Nolan said the lockdown showed him there are no certainties. With this new sense of awareness, stemmed a new sense of urgency. Through those tumultuous covid years from Sydnie Australia, he worked on new music. Today, we debut his new album JINDABYNE.

JINDABYNE’s eleven songs swim in a pool of 90’s water with folk, country, and rock n roll pool toys. Right of the gate and splashing about is the upbeat track ‘Dollar’. I love the drum performance, played with double time intensity. The back up vocal layers on this track are marvelous, sung with angelic flair. Financially strapped but persevering is the topic at hand. In life it’s the connection and love that brings us together. Not money, not a dollar.

‘Reading Minds’ brings a mysterious element to the album. Jack’s vocal’s guide us into a subterranean world. Velvet wallpaper drapes the walls of the track, illuminated by the blacklight glow of the bass guitar rumble. The resonating guitar accents are dark, beautiful and sweet like a ripe plum. An overdriven guitar lead takes us to the end of the line.  This ride is short and memorable just like at Disneyland.

Jack Nolan delivers a well-balanced mix of slow tempo and upbeat tracks. I picked up a bit of R.E.M. throughout the album. The way Jack masterfully adds back up vocal layers to his music, is noteworthy. Very reminiscent of Tom Petty. There are several standout tracks but the syrupy ‘All The Ships In The Ocean’ takes the cake. Every detail I love about the album is included in that song.  A+. 

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