James Forest Takes You On A Journey Where Music Roams Free

Even from an early age, James Forest has always strived to become a stronger songwriter by searching for perfect sounds, words, and moods. To help achieve this goal and to learn more he has various projects on the go which have seen him become part of the duo ‘June in the Fields’ and a member of the band ‘James Forest & the East Road’.


It does not matter if he is involved with these projects or working on solo material, he always creates something that is a beautiful audio art that our ears should embrace. He is someone who genuinely loves and lives for music.


His latest album ‘James Forest & The East Road’ showcases this passion and can only be described as beautiful. Once you press play James (vocals, guitar, piano and much more), Rami Renno (bass) and Pete Pételle (drums) will sweep you away with their atmospheric sound. This folk filled soundtrack will take you on a journey that has a lot to offer, especially with the way the piano has been used and how some bluesy elements have been added. Even with this variations, the album still flows so effortlessly.


Throughout the various projects that James Forest has worked on, his lyrical content has always been a highlight of his many talents. He has a gift in the way he molds words to create stories that are simple to follow but have depth and detail too. It is not only that, but the way he delivers them with his delicate vocals makes it all so captivating.


Each song has been crafted in a way that it is strong enough on its own and offers something different to the next. With sounds that range from the subtle acoustic tone of ‘Endless Song’ to the cool Cajun/bluesy vibe of ‘Queen of Art’ there is something here for everyone.


If one song was to be selected to show the calibre of talent on offer then it would be ‘A Season Away’. James’ vocals are soft and sublime when they are used, but it is his skills on the keys that steal the spotlight. The delicate tone of the piano adds a captivating atmosphere throughout which ends with a stunning instrumental.

‘James Forest doesn’t follow trends, instead, he writes songs with a freedom to create something that feels more authentic to him’.


‘James Forest & The East Road’ is one of those albums which needs to be heard to really appreciate the calibre of the songwriting that is on offer. To do so, head over to James Forest’s Bandcamp page (click HERE) to listen to this beautiful album in full as well as his previous releases. To check out James’ other projects with June in the Fields and James Forest & the East Road then click on the links. As always with Bandcamp, you can purchase the music while you are there.


To keep up with what he is up to including future releases and shows, visit his website You can also find him on social media at Facebook and Instagram.

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