Jana Pochop Shares Her Heart With Latest Single

Quarantine has forced everyone in music to learn and adapt to the new normal we’ve been presented with. Artists are experimenting with their sound, finding new ways to reach their audience, and some are even learning home recording. Jana Pochop has spent years crafting her music and COVID-19 has pushed her to teach herself recording. “Oh My Heart” which dropped in August is the first example of her newfound skill.

With 3 solo EP’s and various singles already under her belt, Jana is no rookie in the music world. “Oh My Heart” showcases the folk/pop sounds we’ve grown to know from her. Every ounce of Jana Pochop went into this track, with every instrument you hear having been recorded and played by her.

There’s no doubt that talent and passion for music courses through Jana’s veins. “Oh My Heart” has her putting her heart on the line. There’s a delicate vulnerability throughout the track, something incredibly fitting for the current state of the world. Jana’s voice is sweet and gentle, entrancing you and bringing you into her world.

To add to the hypnotic nature of the track, the instrumentals feature layers of different instruments blending together in melancholy. Jana experimented with instruments like the french horn and cellos to help create a sound that was all encompassing. The overall finish for “Oh My Heart” is beautifully daunting, showcasing the best of all of it’s parts in unison.

With a newfound fire in her soul found while learning to record her own music, it’s clear that Jana Pochop is only going to continue to grow and evolve from here. Be sure to stay tuned into her journey!

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