“Standing Upon This Array” Stands Tall by Jarad Miles

Musicians all have a moment of inspiration to trace back to. A song or shimmer of a musical instrument can captivate imaginations and never let go. Jarad Miles moment came when he found his mother’s old guitar in the basement of their South Dakota home. A new lifelong musician was born. As the family moved around the country, Jarad continued to write.  While in Portland in 2008, he released his first full length album, Rocketship. As the covid lockdown stopped the world and projects alike, a new door of possibilities opened. With newfound personal time, a solo album began to form. Today, we received a ten-song LP, Standing Upon This Array.

A sweet angelic mist billowing from a lovingly cooked meal is the essence of the single “Something Beautiful”. Soft wafting waves of backing vocals feel heavenly. Retro organ notes and vintage keys play with music box perfection. The drumming performance on this track is exceptional. Tightly timed drum rolls provide the perfect pick up. Tasteful savvy subtle hits to the drum’s hardware showcase experience. Jarad tenderly singing about love, swinging from pocket to pocket truly is, “Something Beautiful”.

The single “Get In My Bed” is a symphony of sounds. A world beat influence expands the impact of the rhythm section. Acoustic guitar notes ride the rhythm like dolphins frolicking in an open ocean. String section swells radiate euphoria as our embarked voyage continues. Sampled sounds of children laughing and playing in the background invoke youthful memories of maritime fun. Jarad expertly selects windows to sing through. When he sing’s, we feel a push in momentum like oars propelling a row boat forward.

Standing Upon This Array is an album to experience. Vocally I’m reminded of Passion Pit. Flashes of The Flaming Lips and Broken Social Scene exist as well. Musically the album doesn’t change to many lanes. Instead, the LP sets the cruise control and rides comfortably like an RV on the highway. What happens inside the RV is the magic this album conveys. Memories of tomorrow as the world outside passes by.

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