JULIANA Makes Herself Clear In “Mixed Signals”

The latest single from JULIANA, “Mixed Signals” is fast-paced, badass, and unapologetic. This electro-pop power anthem is about building up the courage to let go of relationships that just aren’t worth it. You can only take mixed signals for so long.

“With everything being virtual these days, it can be hard to really get a read on the person you’re talking to and that’s exactly what I was going through when I wrote this. It’s an upbeat song to encourage people to get up and dance and express themselves!” JULIANA said.

Mixed signals? JULIANA is undoubtedly “done with them.” This is the track to turn to if you’re looking for a little empowerment to help you brave the dating scene. In fact, it was even written with online relationships in mind.  

Feeling confident and knowing your worth is this track’s truth. It’s fun, fast paced synth is the ultimate pump-up song for any important text or relationship moment. “Mixed Signal” feels like it could almost be your digital dating wingman.

“Mixed Signals” isn’t JULIANA’s first release. The LA-based pop singer and songwriter started releasing her own music in 2020. Her first single, “Call it Quits,” was a track with stunningly beautiful lyrics and storytelling. We were impressed with her acoustic version of this track when she released it just a few months ago.

Some of JULIANA’s other tracks, like “Burn,” are also bold, vibrant pop tracks about moving forward and bettering yourself. Every one of her songs has an inspiring vibe that will make you want to dance.

Listen to “Mixed Signals” and check out the track’s new music video while you’re at it. It’s colorful, beautifully shot, symbolic, and of course fun to watch! JULIANA didn’t disappoint.

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