June Road reminds us to ‘Seize the Day’

June Road is a new collaboration of the talented musician’s Harry Pane and Maia Frankowski. Both bring their own sound and experience to create something special together. Pane gained nothing but praise for his music, including outstanding songs such as “Fletcher Bay,” “Home,” and “Changing.” It has seen him perform around the globe, including the iconic Glastonbury Festival and SXSW (Austin, TX). As for Frankowski, she offers something different with her classical background. She is a highly experienced session artist and is currently sharing her violin skills at the Royal Opera of la Monnaie in Brussels, Belgium.

A chance meeting saw their musical paths intertwine, and their journey together began. Combining their talents, they began working on new songs. It saw them release “Another Page” and “Time.” But their track, “Dream of You,” highlighted their gorgeous vocals, Pane’s finger-picking guitar work and Frankowski’s beautiful tones on her violin. Seeing as this partnership has been going well, they decided to name their collaboration June Road. 

June Road is planning a busy 2022. It will see them tour and release their debut EP later in the year. But, before then, they plan to share a few singles, the being “Seize the Day.” A song they say is inspired “by their passion for travelling and written while on a road trip through France. It is a metaphor for finding that hidden strength and facing the challenges that can be thrown at us all through certain chapters of our lives”.

Listen to “Seize the Day” below

As much as their previous collaborations have been a delightful listening experience, there is something different about “Seize the Day.” From the start, Pane’s intricate guitar style sets the mood. Soon, he and Frankowski let their gorgeous vocals loose. They begin their tale with, “I feel the rain here on my back / My feet are gonna carry me home one of these days / I have a plan of attack / the wind, it might be holding me back, but it won’t reach my soul.” 

As their voices intertwine, it produces their best performance so far. So effortless and with an irresistible warmth. It sounds even better during the hook, “Soon… soon I’m gonna find my way / Soon, soon I’m gonna seize the day.” When the bridge arrives, they take turns to deliver the lines, “In the midnight hour I don’t fear a thing / But I can feel a longing, and it’s growing within.” When they do, they highlight their individual talents. But soon they remind the listener of the magic they create together. 

June Road produce something special for their debut release ‘Seize the Day’ with a beautiful vocal display.

As much as their voices stand out, the musical foundations deserve some respect too. With Pane’s finger-picking guitar style and Frankowski’s beautiful violin, they create a mesmerizing soundtrack. Put this all together, and it creates the sublime song called “Seize the Day.” If this is the quality of the music that June Road plans to release, then their upcoming EP will be something special. 

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