Keith Curtis Shares ‘Happiness Is Hard’

Keith Curtis is breaking through Minneapolis with his special blend of Americana and indie-rock. His passion and curiosity led him to pick-up the guitar and spend time covering other Americana, indie folk and acoustic rock artists. That experience provided him with knowledge that was pinnacle in Keith finding his own style. Now, Keith has prepared his debut EP Happiness Is Hard with three songs that will enchant you.

This release is Keith’s fully realized studio piece, and he really pulled out all the stops with this one. Keith utilized seasoned session players, a producer and sound engineer to make Happiness Is Hard as well rounded as possible. The result is three beautiful tracks that will be sure to please any fan of Americana, folk, and indie music.

Listen to Happiness Is Hard below

Each track features impeccably written and performed instrumentals that make the vocals shine. “Taking Off And Landing” opens the EP with a bang. There’s such a delicate touch to this track and it immediately sweeps you off of your feet. It features playful woodwind elements and female background vocals to help add to the tenderness of the track.

“Real Good Love” showcases a much more dominant vocal from Keith. It helps prove that there’s diversity and depth within Keith’s music. The harmonica makes it’s powerful entrance in this track and helps make it stand out a bit from the rest.

“Calculate” closes out Happiness Is Hard bringing that more gentle folk side back out. There’s so much power in the delicate approach in Keith’s vocals. That’s when he shines the most, in that warm, tender spot of his voice.

Overall, Keith Curtis has really demonstrated his talents and his passion within this debut EP. Each song feels personal and intimate and shows maturity well beyond a debut release. Any fans of Americana, folk, or indie music should be sure to put Keith on their radar.

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