Kellr Releases “Faded” feat. Matt Giraud and July 3-0

“What’d Beyonce say? / “I could have another you in a minute” / Matter fact, she’ll be here in a minute”

The lyric comes from July 3-0’s verse in a new single from Kellr, a producer from Nashville. The single also features Matt Giraud from American Idol’s eighth season.

A Killer Soundscape Shows Off Rapper and Vocalist in “Faded”

Giraud’s voice and Kellr’s voice engineering go together in the verses to make a beautiful product, and I love how the chord progression that plays throughout the chorus is expressed. Giraud rides the beat really well in the post-chorus. July 3-0 raps a good verse about being self-sufficient and humble. Giraud follows with really good high notes.

All-in-all the emotional single is solid. Listen to it for yourself in the widget above, and if you like it, stay tuned! It’s going to be followed by Kellr’s debut EP, coming out soon!

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