L.HUNT Continues The Journey with ‘A Friend In Old Sol’

Our friend L.HUNT is back with more music from his epic undertaking LifeWork: Passage One – The Question. The 4 part rock opera dives as deep into the mind and into madness as it can go. We can’t even say it is just music because there is so much more to it than that, both in the artistic form and the emotional response his music generates.


There are no limits to the genres and styles that L.HUNT is willing to experiment within to approach his vision. Although each piece is along one stream of consciousness within the rock opera, each track is unique and could stand on their own. Together though there is a full experience that tells a tale of the human condition and its demise.


In the past, we introduced L.Hunt with the full audio-visual experience of “Shadows and Echoes.” The latest piece of the ongoing puzzle of LifeWork is “A Friend In Old Sol.”


This song is a different direction than most we have heard from the album as it has a happy vibe to it. There is a childish joy in the instrumentation with the use of an almost music box like tone. The vocals share happy emotions as well. There is positivity and hope in the lyrics as the subject finds his friend in the sun.


There is a shift in tone towards the end of the track as the sun is setting. We get a little darker but there still seems to be that hope for another new day with the rise of the sun.


This amazing storytelling skill of L.Hunt is what will draw in any listener.


Once we hear one song we yearn to hear another to further the story and emotions in our own mind’s eye. This will be quite a long journey but we are in for the long haul.


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