Lavola – Dark And Abrasive Indie Rock About To Explode To The Masses

One of the first things I do when introduced to a new band is go to their About/Bio page a read how they choose to describe themselves.  Often this is done even before I hear a note of their music.  Needless to say, I have read some crappy bios in my day (which is one reason we offer a bio writing service now).  Reading the story on the About page of the band Lavola, was an experience.  Although I learned nothing of how the band formed and their early days, I was struck with awe as I read a creatively written story that led me to believe this band was much more than just three guys making noise together.


The South Florida based three piece is self-described as Atmospheric/Abrasive/Indie rock.  I could not have come up with a better portrayal.  Lavola consists of founding member and vocalist/guitarist Julian Cires, Gene Pandolfi on Bass and Jeff Rose on drums.  They have already been making quite the name for themselves opening for Silversun Pickups and Against Me! as well as being featured by Alternative Press.  This is a band on a crash course with a much larger audience.

The band promises a new album coming soon and we got a chance to preview the first single from it entitled ‘Vereen’.  The over six minute opus begins with electronic fuzz and starts to build immediately to an alternative progressive rock track with some dark overtones.  Writing lyrics is one of Julian’s strong points as he paints an eerie picture here of trying yet failing to break free from a cataclysm of a relationship.  As I delve deeper into Lavola’s last EP Leaving Paris I see that this darkness is not a new thing but it is advancing quite well for the musicians.  Lyrics such as “I’m just a speck. Sadomasochist, cashing in my check.  I’m just feigning life. I’m just killing time. I’ve got the black lung baby. When you speak I choke” from the song ‘Masochist’ let you know that there is much darkness to explore in the minds of Lavola.   I highly recommend hopping on for this interesting ride before you are the last one on the bandwagon.

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