Leagues Is “Alone Together” In New Album

There’s no saying Leagues isn’t talented. With a growing fan base thanks to their breakout singles and a single on a Netflix Blockbuster Original, Leagues is on a playing field of their own. This Nashville-based duo is no stranger to music and a master of blurring genres. Their latest album Alone Together essentially mixes electronic beats with pop music and it’s nothing short of incredible.

In this new release Leagues effortlessly blend electronic and indie-pop music while still telling a lively story about heartbreak and loneliness. It makes for a sincere yet energizing album which only makes it that much more impressive. 

Leagues crafts these impressive beats with ease while still putting out this very raw vibe, which only makes them that much more unique. They combine these very electronic-based beats with a smooth falsetto so effortlessly while still making it such a great listen. 

Leagues Plays With Honesty

One of Leagues strengths is their easy transparency. Take their song, “New Money,” for example. It’s got this amazing backing combined with these crazy honest lyrics, “ I wanted to change my name / be any one else / besides me / but it’s all I got” with vocals that turn into this very raw almost scream. 

It just shows how Leagues puts this vulnerable aspect in their music, and they do it without bringing down their high-energy sound. Alone Together is an album centered around unavoidable loneliness, but it doesn’t put you in a down-trodden state of mind.

In fact in between lyrics like “Young lovers cry and they don’t know why” and “Maybe the closest we’ll ever get is alone together” we still get these songs we can still dance and smile along to. Leagues has this impressive ability to make the sad seem not as bad.

Even more amazing are the transitions Leagues creates between songs. It really just adds to how great Leagues work as producers. You go from such a slower song like “Slow and Steady” and move into a more upbeat tune like “Alone Together” without it feeling misplaced. It’s almost like flowing through these very honest moments.

Really, most of the album works like that. We transition through all these moments with all this ease.  It’s a quality that is almost cinematic, for lack of a better term. Leagues has all these incredibly real feelings in their music that we can’t help but hear.
They sing about loneliness and heartbreak while still maintaining this very easy to sway to beat that is absolutely contagious. Leagues works in a league of their own in a way that puts us on the edge of our seat to hear what’s coming next.


Their album Alone Together is available now here.

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