Leilani Wolfgramm Criticizes Materialism with New Single “Live Wire”

Leilani Wolfgramm is re-defining reggae with her new release “Live Wire,” an inviting, yet critical R&B gem.

Leilani Wolfgramm’s Messages of Materialism

Sultry and soothing as “Live Wire” is, the blatant transcript of the song is a call-to-action of sorts from the singer/songwriter.

While Wolfgramm’s confident and wavy voice dances above the soul-infused music, the lyrics reflect a postmodern obsession with materialism.

“We are more superficial than we’ve ever been,” Wolfgramm said. “‘Live Wire’ is about the lies we tell ourselves.”

The song is an anecdotal journey of Wolfgramm’s own struggle with materialism, starting with “I think I’m broken / I’m going broken / ‘Cause I spend all my money,” and analyzing her habits from then. From hiding behind selfies to relying on others’ approval, “Live Wire” goes deep into the evils of focusing on the validation garnered by empty possessions.

As described by Ladygunn, “’Live Wire’ turns a critical eye on the perils of a culture where we continually chase the dragon of artifice and public approval, numb to the agony of it all, until we ultimately implode.”

The Many Layers of ‘Live Wire’

Nevertheless, deep as the message is, the song is an excellent listen on two occasions. One, if you’re on a journey of self-actualization. Two, if you need another jam on your Alicia Keys playlist. Eloquent on all levels, “Live Wire” carries the tone of peace succumbing to materialism offers. Replay value is impeccable due to the layers of the song.

The song swindles down to a solemn truth, “We just keep chasing the high till we die,” a tag on fake security. The Orlando-based singer’s single comes ahead of her new EP, due in January. Also touring with The Green, Wolfgramm has already built quite a name for herself. She’s stared stages with Ziggy Marley, Incubus, Dirty Heads, and Tribal Seeds. After a listen to “Live Wire”, it’s not hard to see why. The song takes you in and leaves you a new favorite.

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