Live Entertainment Hotspots In Oslo

There are many great live entertainment hotspots in Oslo. Oslo is the biggest nightlife hub in Norway, and one of the biggest in Scandinavia. The city is known for offering a wide variety of experiences, from live comedy to every kind of live music. Oslo is especially known for being one of the jazz capitals of Europe.

Tips for Going Out in Oslo

If you are planning on visiting Oslo and taking part in the city’s nightlife, there are a few things that you should know. First, most of the hippest venues are in the downtown area. This means that you can barhop very easily. You don’t even need a car, as many bars and clubs are within walking distance of each other.

The minimum age for many clubs and bars in Oslo is 23, which is slightly older than it is in most cities. Also, alcohol tends to be quite expensive in Oslo. However, alcohol is served until 3 AM at most bars and clubs.

In some cultures, people often dress up when going out to a bar or club. However, Norwegians generally wear casual clothes when going out. Of course, there are high-end bars where dressing up is the norm.     


Latter is one of the best-known comedy clubs in Oslo. They have live comedy shows featuring both established names and young talents. Latter also offers a full bar and restaurant. The establishment even offers you the opportunity to book one of their comedians. They partner with a booking agency called Stand Up Norway for this service.

Rockefeller Music Hall

Rockefeller Music Hall is one of the best-known venues for live music in Oslo. It is a unique venue, as it used to house a public bath. However, it became a live music venue in 1986. The building is so large that it contains both the music hall and a nightclub. There is even a small, intimate lounge. Rockefeller Music Hall usually books rock and pop artists, though bands and singers from other genres are represented. Rockefeller Music Hall is located in the Torgatta area of Oslo.


Bla is known for being one of the best indie rock venues in Norway, perhaps even in the whole of Europe. Bla is located right next to the Akerselva River, giving it a beautiful natural backdrop. The venue takes advantage of this by hosting some of its shows outside. The Bla itself can only host about 400 patrons, so its shows are very intimate. Many of the bands that perform at Bla are from the Oslo area, but touring bands do visit the venue, as well.


Revolver is another indie rock venue. However, it is even more famous than Bla. It is also bigger, which allows it to attract bigger bands. Revolver is known for hosting bands from the USA and the UK. Revolver’s main room is downstairs, where patrons can enjoy food and cocktails. However, they also offer a full bar upstairs. While some tourists do visit Revolver, it is known for attracting many local residents. Revolver may be a good place to make a Norwegian friend while you are in Oslo.

Oslo is a Hub for Nightlife

Though Norway has a reputation for being a fairly quiet and well-behaved country, Oslo is home to plenty of rowdy nightlife. Visitors and locals alike can enjoy everything from stand-up comedy at Latter to live rock music at Revolver. Of course, the venues listed here barely scratch the surface. There are too many great spots to mention, and more are popping up all the time. 

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