Logan Ariel Makes A Statement With “Girls Do”

Logan Ariel is making a statement with a powerful message about a topic that is not often discussed. Her song “Girls Do” is about a toxic relationship, but from the often underrepresented viewpoint of a boy being mistreated by a girl.

Logan Ariel is a young talent in music, and is looking to make a name for herself. The 17 year old songwriter has a lot to say, and is making waves in the pop scene. She has set herself up to be a rising star with her performance and powerful music.

“Girls Do” is a powerful pop song that packs a punch with its visceral message. Turning a common stereotype on its head, this track tells a tragic tale. Occasionally a pop anthem hits the charts with a deceptively deep meaning. This song is set up to be a hit with impact.

Listen To Logan Ariel’s “Girls Do”

Stylistically “Girls Do” is on the slower side, with punchy percussion that emphasizes the beat. Logan Ariel’s vocals carry weight on this track. Harmonies highlight both the melody and the message, her somber tone of voice matches the serious subject matter.

If you enjoyed Logan Ariel’s “Girls Do” be sure to check out some of her previous music. She has released multiple singles that all stand out in their own way. Keep up to see what she is up to in the future.

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