Luka Radikovic Shows Us “Lion”

Luka Radikovic is making music to express the feelings and emotions of being human. His songs explore the self and lead the listener on a path of discovery. The Croatian-based pop-folk artist shows us his track “Lion.” The aptly named song is soft in sound with bold and strong power and emotion behind it.

The track begins with some soft acoustic guitar, asserting the rhythm of the track through the subdued strums and slaps of the strings. Luka’s singing joins the track; his vocals are full of depth and character, having been given room to breathe in the mix but still accompanied by rhythmic and instrumental flourishes.

The chorus comes in with impressive confidence. Different percussion elements come together to create a strong pounding beat, and the acoustic guitar picks up the pace to match it. Luka’s vocals are infused with a poppy catchiness that makes this song so easy to listen to.

“Lion” is an impressive track from Luka Radikovic. Being able to successfully capture the energetic and radio-friendly elements of the indie-folk sound, as well as making the song his own with the introspective emotion he puts behind it.

If you enjoyed Luka Radikovic’s song “Lion” be sure to check out some of his other work. He has released several strong singles since that all have their own unique appeal. Radikovic is looking like a strong new artist, keep up with him to see what he has in store for the future.

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