Mae Mae Accepts Her Flaws In “Blemish”

It’s good to be able to accept yourself, blemishes and all. Mae Mae is doing exactly that in her new single “Blemish” Ft. The Colourist, an unashamed acceptance of Mae Mae’s unique character and personality. The song is borderline pop with a singable and danceable beat, while being unique and stylish. This single is the latest to come out in preparation for her newest project, Gummy Heart Eyes, released recently.

This track explores Mae Mae’s ability to make music that inhabits the outer edge of what is considered pop. A bit of indie, electronic influence, and a quirky characteristic style make this song an authentic experience. It is difficult to lock down her music to one genre. “Blemish” releases following three other singles in preparation for her debut EP, wide and ranging in timbre and texture. These tracks all paint a portrait of Mae Mae’s sound and style.

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“Blemish” is a malleable track that lets you see what you want to see in it. Relatable, literally on the surface level, but the song is also full to the brim with double meanings. The track features a duet which invites you to join in on an anthem about imperfections. This song is hypnotic with a driving bassline and a catchy melody. Glitchy and poppy, this song is a team effort with Adam Castilla of The Colourist who also helped produce this EP, giving this particular song a back and forth in the contrast between to voices and sides to the story.

Be sure to check out Mae Mae and her single “Blemish” Ft. The Coulourist. If you like this single, check out Gummy Heart Eyes, which has recently released. This a strong debut project for Mae Mae which expands on the themes found in “Blemish” and explores other facets of her personality.

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