The Marlenes Balance Art and Pleasure with ‘Crawl Out Your Window’

Sometimes we forget that artistically significant music doesn’t have to sound depressing. Naturally, we all have that one band that we go to when we’re in a pensive mood and feel like brooding, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any other significant music out there. The Marlenes are the perfect example of this, with their latest album Crawl Out Your Window.

A bizarre yet intriguing combination of psychedelia and surf rock, Crawl Out Your Window is an upbeat, genuinely enjoyable collection. The trio from the Mornington Peninsula in Australia was formed in 2014, and since then they’ve been busy. This album, though, I anticipate will mark the moment that The Marlenes’ true success began, and rightly so.

The Marlenes are On to Something

“Last Glass of Port,” the first song on the album, is an extremely fitting opening. It really immerses you in the unique style of The Marlenes, with its basic, solid, and upbeat ’60s style and foot tapping beat. “Lay Back Wendy” is, not surprisingly, more laid back in tone. There’s a subtle reggae influence in it, reminiscent of a lazy afternoon on the beach, maybe in a hammock. “Simple For You To Say” has an even slower tempo, and an easy, swaying melody that is subtly psychedelic sounding. “From Elwood to St. Kilda,” like the rest of the album, is nonchalant and really chill. The track even ends with whistling, making the relaxed tone even more pronounced.

“High School Alternator” is more energetic, with a really interesting similarity to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It’s got a slightly more grungy, punkish sound to it (while somehow maintaining The Marlenes’ characteristic smoothness). “Lazy Saturdays” is like the happier side of psychedelia with a rich, almost sly smoothness to it. The song begins and ends with the gentle, mesmerizing sound of waves.

The Marlenes weren’t only an interesting band to listen to and review, they were downright enjoyable. It’s groups like these that remind us that, even though we like it sometimes, good music doesn’t have to be sad. Crawl Out Your Window is such an album, and it reminds us music journalists why we like our jobs.

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