Marsden Releases “Tune It Out”

With all of the angst and emotion of the grunge era being as relevant today as it ever was, it is no surprise artists are bringing the sound back into the modern indie scene. The singer/songwriter and guitarist Marsden grew up in the 90s, and carries with him the influence of giants such as Jerry Cantrell, John Frusciante, Ian Thornley, and David Gilmore. His newest album “Tune It Out” is a tour de force for his sound, solidifying his as a unique up-and-comer in the indie scene.

The album begins with “End on End,” a song that immediately announces the the kind of sound Marsden brings to the table. Acoustic guitars bring some levity to the track, while his vocals have that characteristic edginess and grit. The songwriting really shines on this track, all of the rock instrumentation effortlessly blends together in a both inspired and timeless fashion. “End on End” takes us on an emotionally journey evoking ups and downs, all with a nostalgic tint.

Watch the video for “End on End” here

Following up the first song is the title track “Tune it Out,” immediately this track hits us with an immersive wall of sound. The melancholy mood is captivating and a relentless energy drives the song forward. The guitar work tosses and turns throughout “Tune it Out” with an uneasy excitement.

Another standout track is “Running in the Dark,” a cathartic rock track. Marsden packs his performance full of passion on this song and it shows with a dramatic flair. A solo soars high over the track adding an epic, quintessentially rock moment to a song that carries pure live show energy.

The song “American Dream” carries a lot of weight, building up from a lonely acoustic guitar to a full sound. Unease and anticipation add together before the release. Marsden gives some social commentary, which fits right in with the angst inherit to the grunge leaning sound.

Marsden’s new album Tune it Out releases November 17th, and follows up his first album Gravity. As a testament to his passion and talent for music, this project drives Marsden to new heights and solidifies his own unique place in the current indie-rock scene.

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