No Half Measures from Miccoli

The musicians journey isn’t always a smooth one, something which the alternative indie pop band Miccoli can confirm. During the last four years, twin brothers Adriano (vocals, acoustic/electric guitar) and Alex (piano, vocals, acoustic guitar) along with their sister Francesca (vocals, piano, harmonica) have experienced their fair share of ups and downs. It has seen them perform across the US and UK, as well as their videos featured on MTV and VH1. They have worked hard making a name for themselves over this time and a lot of it whilst living in their car, a sign of their dedication to their art.
However, a near-fatal heart operation for Alex almost put a halt to it all. Thankfully, Alex was OK but this made the trio rethink what they wanted from the band. This gave them a fresh motivation and goals for their music. All of their experiences and emotions were put into new songs and from it came the creation of their new EP Half.
Half is four songs which have a captivating emotional tone that is shared by flawless vocals. From the moment you press play, it is difficult not to get swept away by its sound. It flows so effortlessly by the way they use both pianos and guitars. It is never overused or performed in a way that is prominent. Instead, it used perfectly to set the scene and deliver the right atmosphere for each story.
Lyrically, they have a wonderful way of blending subtle hooks amongst the detailed landscapes they paint with their words. But it is how they deliver these stories that make Miccoli stand out from the crowd. Adriano is the main voice on all songs except for “Lights” which switches the spotlight to Alex. Both brothers have a warm and inviting tone that will captivate the listener. Add to this Francesca’s beautiful vocals in support and this winning formula is complete. The way they interweave with each other while singing is something special.


Because of the calibre of songwriting experienced throughout Half, it is difficult to select a track that stands out the most. “Idle Stranger” seems to be the fan favorite, though each one offers something slightly different to the next and is strong enough to hold it’s own. To find out where you can listen to this EP or even purchase a copy, then over to
If that wasn’t enough, the band are currently working on their debut full-length album. From the way they have spoken about their new music, we can expect an even stronger showing of what they have to offer. To keep up to date with how this is progressing, check out their website as well as their social media sites on Facebook and Twitter.

So, what are you waiting for? Treat your ears to something new and give the music from Miccoli a listen. 

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