Experience Unique Indonesian Electro with Miftah Bravenda’s ‘Sonder Asa’

Indonesian electronic musician Miftah Bravenda has created a new song that is quite likely different from anything you’ve ever heard before.

“Sonder Asa” may initially catch you by surprise. But soon enough, it captivates you and brings you to a new world: the ambient soundscape that Bravenda has carefully created.

The song begins with a single layer, a unique melody with a boldly electronic sound that is at first a bit off-putting. Soon, a foundational bass line comes in that grounds the melody and puts it in context.

From here, it evolves quickly, adding layers in greater complexity. The song creates an entire atmosphere of its own, and each layer draws you in further.

Tuned Loud! Magazine described it well, saying, “Chilling and fascinating, ‘Sonder Asa’ really gets under your skin, setting off subliminal interference patterns. It feels like an outstretched hand, an attempt at communication that may be reciprocated or may fall unheeded into dead space.”

Miftah Bravenda’s “Sonder Asa” is True Indonesian Electro Music

Though it begins simply, “Sonder Asa” has an intricate quality that cannot be fully understood at the first listen.

For Miftah Bravenda, music is a reflection of the anxiety he feels from his bedroom. This track serves as a great example of this. It is heartbreaking in moments, but it remains beautiful in its expression of anxiety and nervousness.

On the surface, much of Bravenda’s music seems uncomplicated in nature. However, he skillfully layers sounds and creates an ambiance that is unique and truly deep.

His sound is easily evocative of many different moods, shifting and mixing together throughout. Under a guise of simplicity, Bravenda’s music truly showcases his skill. With just a few melodies and ideas pieced together just right, Bravenda creates something special.

Miftah Bravenda’s “Sonder Asa” is worth checking out for the sole fact that it is surely unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. But more than that, it is uniquely beautiful and rich, and it truly speaks for itself.




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