Morrow’s Memory – Hard Rock Ready To Rule Your Radio

Recently our search for music has been on experimental and somewhat strange musical genres.  Today it was time to get back to basics and find some good straight ahead modern hard rock.  After struggling through a lot of pretenders in this crowded field, we came across a great band that hits the hard rock mainstream with powerful punch.  Let us introduce you to Morrow’s Memory.

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, a place more well-known for rappers nowadays, Morrow’s Memory has carved their own niche and seems to be growing quite a devoted following.  The music is straightforward hard rock with hints of alternative and progressive rock thrown in to give it their own personal flavor.  This wasn’t just some group of guys thrown together quickly in a room and told to play rock songs.  The band was built over a six month search for the best musicians of the greater Detroit area.  This weeding out of the unprepared is very evident when you hear the technical expertise of each of the six band members on their chosen instrument.

‘Moving Forward’ is the debut release of Morrow’s Memory, although when you listen to it you would think this band has been around for years.  One of the first things you notice is the high quality production values of the album.  It was recorded at Minx Recording Studio in Farmington, MI.  There is superb musicianship from each band member throughout the album from excellent guitar solo work to pretty piano pieces to Tony Fitchett’s powerful vocals leading the way.

I will say the first song on the album ‘Eternal Rest’ did put a little fear into me that this would be a heavily progressive and experimental album.  It was only a minute long and was not the preparation I needed for the hard rock punch about to melt my face on the rest of the album.  ‘Evolve’ is a very good song with strong lyrics that demand your attention.  I can see a crowd head nodding in unison as this song is played live.  One of my favorites has to be ‘Fall In Line’.  A song that touches on what each member brings to the band.  A progressive feel with Mike Fritz’s keyboards, a driving hard rock guitar line, and strong vocals that tie it all together very well.

Bottom Line: Morrow’s Memory is a great band in a crowded musical space.  If they can differentiate themselves and rise above the phonies and imitators they can become the next hard rock band you hear all over the radio.

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