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 When it comes to music, we all want to have access to a variety of it. People also love getting new tracks, whether they discover them on the radio or online. There are so many artists to choose from. Streaming is an option but then the music is not truly yours. Even at a dollar a track, people could spend a small fortune collecting an online library. Perhaps this is why there is such an appeal to download songs illegally. It is best to avoid this practice though. Not only can the law come after you, but it’s unethical. Would you like to work on something and have people steal it from stores? You wouldn’t make enough revenue that way to support yourself and you would never know how successful you actually were. 

 There is a solution though for music lovers that simply cannot afford to pay for all of their favorite tracks right away. You can always use a free mp3 download alternative. This means that you will have access to your music online and can discover new bands. There are so many songs available on legal sites such as Spotify, Youtube, Apple music, Google Play, and Tidal. If you have already heard of those sites, then they are definitely worth visiting. For some, you simply just need to sign up and obtain an account. It’s worth spending your time taking these few steps. It can save you a huge headache later. If you go through less reputable sites, you could even be downloading viruses in the process. 

 Ultimately, you should be wary of any sites that allow you to get unlimited music for free. Even with the major streaming sites, you still will not get all the tracks you want. You will get extensive libraries, but not everything under the sun. If you want to own music, whether you hear it on the radio or on a streaming site, all you have to do is purchase it online. This is still the best way to get the tracks you love permanently. But streaming can expose you to music that you would have never thought of buying. You can learn of indie bands that you may have had no way of knowing about. That’s why it’s a great idea to visit the free downloading music sites frequently. 

 There are world charts that come about too from streamers’ behaviors. You can get the most streamed songs of all time. For example, on mp3legit, you get an actual list of the most streamed songs on Spotify ever. You might be interested to know that the top track is from Ariana Grande called “7 Rings”. It has 490 786 079. That’s right, over 490 million times the song has been downloaded. Other top artists are Post Malone, Daddy Yankee, Billie Eilish, Lady Gaga, Pedro Capo, and Halsey. Those artists all have at least one top 8 song on Spotify’s most streamed songs list. 

 It is worth checking out other charts for other streaming services. Spotify also has a fresh picks song list. Here you can learn about the latest music that is coming out. These online streaming services are a great way to get some of the latest hits and expand your musical repertoire. 

-Guest post from Justine

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