Nataliya Nikitenko Separates With “Oil & Water”

“Oil & Water,” a melancholic pop ballad about a failed relationship, is Nataliya Nikitenko’s standout debut single. It combines soft piano melodies with impressive vocals that together make an emotionally stirring track. After a first listen, there’s no doubt that it’s a radio-worthy song that pop lovers will want to listen to over and over again.

It’s no surprise “Oil & Water” is an impressive track. While it is Nataliya’s first release, she is no newcomer to the music industry. She’s written hits like Little Mix’s “No More Sad Songs (ft. Machine Gun Kelly)” and Anne-Marie’s “Heavy.”

Growing up, Nataliya was always drawn to the arts. Not only did she act on TV shows as a kid, but she was also a ballroom dance champion. While she was born in Ukraine and raised in Australia, at 19 years old she moved to Los-Angeles where she has spent the last several years working in the music industry and honing her craft.

“Oil & Water” is her first step into the spotlight. It’s a song that embraces how beautiful simplicity in pop music can be. The range of her voice, her intonation, and precision as a vocalist drives the song forward. Paired with piano, harmonies, and skillfully placed string instrumentals, the song embodies the notion of more is less.

Lyrically, the track is just as thoughtful. It uses the metaphor of oil and water to explain that “like oil and water, we’ve got to go our separate ways.”

“Oil & Water” is a must-listen track that proves the spotlight is where Nataliya belongs. For any pop fans looking for new up and coming artists to follow, Nataliya Nikitenko is the answer.

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