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New music for the new year: the artists you need to hear in 2022

Have you been asking yourself these questions as the calendar changed over?

Why is my playlist so ‘last year’? How can I get bored of seeing the same artists on an automated computer screen that I used to love? Is it time to find some new songs?

We have chosen some of the best artists to dive into in 2022. Some have just released their first track; others have done this for some time but are making some great new progress on their creative projects.  

Following are some musicians who will smash it in the coming months of 2022; you can smash some slots here as well January top slots.

FKA twigs, Caprisongs (January 14) 

FK twigs have been whispered about a project she’s completing in quarantines with remote collaborators, this includes the Spaniard producer El Guincho. Hence, it doesn’t surprise me that the singer of Capricorn Sun began teasing an album known as Capri Sun in December to mid-January. The mixtape was first revealed in early February. In September, Twiggs said the 2019 follow-up for Magdalene had been “incredibly deeply, emotionally honest and hopefully more golden tears than blue.” The post sparked a response from fans on Discord and was shared. Then it turned me into a little eloquence a little different. 

Stromae, Multitude (March 4) 

After nearly 10 years of fame with his Eurodance revival-hit “Alors on Danse”, Belgian musician Stromae has finally returned to the spotlight. His final work was 2013 Racine Carrée, a rap/electronic album that touched on digital alienation and the absence of father-figure. Shortly thereafter he stopped talking and reportedly cited anxiety symptoms. He has recorded a nine-year record called Multitude with cumbia-infused electronic single “Santé,” which pays homage to key workers around the world. 

Charli XCX, Crash (March 18) 

Since becoming an Atlantic Records member aged 13, Charli has implied that she had to fight to make the expansive experimental pop she is now celebrated. The singer admits her final album will be an ultrapop star and also admits she will sell her soul for her last album under the contract Crash. Early singles such as the ’70s-inspired dance banger “Good Ones” and “New Shapes,” a synth-pop collaboration with Christine and The Queens and Caroline Polachek, appear as radio-friendly shows. 

Earl Sweatshirt, sick! (January 14) 

Before COMVID’s hit Earl Sweatshirt had to put together The People Can Fly album, named on a Black-American folktale he had read with his mother. But he had to change gears to “lean in chaos,” which inspired the 10 songs of his upcoming album Sick! This sequel to 2019’s Face of Clay aims for more jazz experimentation by collaborator Armand Hammer and Detroit-based rapper Zeke. 

Gunna, Drip Season 4 (January 7) 

The 4th instalment in Gunna Drip seasons series will be launched shortly after the last one. That doesn’t mean that the rap artist isn’t getting busy either. Since his release he has a collaboration with Lil Baby in 2018. Drip Season 4 has been teased by Thugg and Future, likely in addition to another Guna-related label. 

The Weeknd, Dawn FM (January 7) 

The ’80s villain personality he created on After Hours 2020 will be revived with Dawn FM. Obviously there will be a “little appearance” of Safdie. ‘I’d be looking for a radio station at the end of my tunnel’ he told Billboard. 

Mitski, Laurel Hell (February 4) 

On her breakthrough album Be the Cowboy 2018, Mitski fell into archetypes. The singer explains that in her sequel Laurel Hell she deliberately stripped out the characters to allow her to remain in “gray areas,” she said. I wanted love songs about relationships that don’t need power struggles. 

Jack White, Fear of the Dawn (April 8) and Entering Heaven Alive (July 22) 

Blues songwriter Jack White will launch two more upcoming full lengths this week. The album follows 2018’s Boarding House Reach, an adventurous project in which White Stripes members delved into art music and… Rap. Fear of the Dawn, the first of the upcoming two LPs, includes Riptides Opening “Taking Me Back,” and a Qtip showcasing the track called HIDDE-HO. 

Big Thief, Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You (February 11) 

He takes a small feeling and explodes it into huge rock songs and emotionally crushing folk songs. This approach has been sharpened with all new releases including 2019, two hands on. But now they plan their biggest project so far. Their seventh single has now been released; others, such as “time escaping” and “little things,” feature grooves which seem more unwinding and spasmodic than ever. 

Cordae, From da Bird’s Eye View (January 14) 

In 2019, Cordaé Amari’s debut album The Lost Boy was given a Grammy nomination and the rising rapper was suddenly at the forefront. He now plans his debut full-length in his own name, as another debut as such after dropping the acronym after disbandment. During last year’ s collaboration with the likes of Young Thug and Q-Tip Cordae showed oddff his vocal talent with his next project, From a Bird’s View. 

Shamir, Heterosexuality (February 11) 

Shamir will be released with a new release called “Heterosexuality”. Shamir added that the record acknowledges his own trauma. The Phillies singer-songwriter showcased the release with two singles titled Gay Agenda & Disgender. 

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