Novacain Make You Feel the Sun With ‘Shine On Me’

‘Shine On Me’ is the perfect summer single for August. It blends blues, pop, and soft rock into one incredible song from the band Novacain.

A New Summer Single

Novacain is one of the modern pop bands that seems to have flourished in the midst of the pandemic instead of withering under its weight. These artists clearly love music.

They understand how their own sound works. Novacain has been able to achieve a perfect balance between all four band members. There is not a single awkward or misplaced note. They are polished, yet their music still feels authentically raw.

The group has mastered the soft rock sound, showing their reverence for artists like The Beatles and The Monkees. Their latest single, ‘Shine On Me,’ is the perfect song of the summer. It has everything you could want in an August track. Beyond the brilliant use of the guitar, this track is lyrically potent. Everyone who hears this song is going to draw something different from it.

A major criticism thrown at pop music today is the hollowness of the sound and the message. Novacain manages to break away from this stereotype. ‘Shine On Me’ is able to capture the reality of everyday life and what it means to live in this world day-to-day.

Novacain Blending Genres

This song examines the mundane struggles of simply existing. It melds together a wide mix of emotions to create a song that is entirely unique. Listening to this single feels like sitting in the sun on a pleasant summer afternoon. It is relaxing, warm, and profound all at once.

There is also a sense of melancholy which is offset by the upbeat melody. It is not too gleeful, it is not too disheartening. ‘Shine On Me’ is balanced in the best way possible. Novacain is the band that pop, rock, and blues fans have been waiting for.

Likewise, ‘Shine On Me’ is the genre-blending tune that is sure to dominate your summer playlists. This is one band you will not want to miss out on. ‘Shine On Me’, by Novacain, will release on the 6th of August. 

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