Off Orbit – On Track To Vintage Psychedelic Funk

It’s still Sunday so I was looking for something not too heavy that I could kick back to without having to focus too much.  Maybe a little psychedelic/funk/blues?  That is the realm I ended up in when I found the Miami Florida band Off Orbit.

The band was formed by two brothers, Marcos and Moises Jimenez in an attempt to mix together a bunch of different past influences with today’s music sensibilities.  They added Jonathan Colorado on drums, and Angel Cerdeiras on percussion to add to the unique sound.  In fact the description in their bio might sum it up best; a musical comet traveling from the galaxy of vintage psychedelic blues rock n’ roll into the present age of alternative and experimental music.  Yea, that about sums it up.

The boys of Off Orbit have just released a short EP City Of Wonders and are out there promoting it heavily while also working in the studio on more material for an upcoming full length album.  The lead single of the EP is ‘Pretty Little Things’.  It is a beautiful mix of echoed vocals and spaced out sounds over a nice peppy rock beat.  Psychedelic without leaving you wondering what you just listened to. The other highlight of the EP is ‘Vice City’, another fun rock song with an interesting mix of sounds.  Marcus shows off some blues guitar skills in this one.  There are some other interesting instruments in there creating something both mainstream and yet unique at the same time.

Bottom Line: They may be Off Orbit but they are on course for a great start.  Their mix of familiar styles with their own special touches could lead to something special.  Add them to your playlist now at:

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