Padre Tóxico Provides The Journey on ‘Mandala’

Once music gets its hooks in an artist, they must allow it to flow out whenever it calls. Sometimes years can go by before inspiration strikes. For our friend Padre Tóxico it has been quite the opposite. After releasing two full length albums, Synesthesia and Life Supplement earlier this year, he is back with more on Mandala.

This type of output is the stuff of legends and Padre Tóxico seems to be only picking up steam. The 17 track opus that is Mandala shows off some impressive production skills as it flows through your ears into your subconscious. The aptly titled opener ‘Take A Trip With Me’ sets the stage perfectly for the journey we are about to take with this record. 

The relaxing tones of “Chillpnotic” and “Sync In Progress” ease us into the world that Padre Tóxico has prepared for us. Our minds are allowed to reach an almost trancelike state so we can take it all in.

The energy builds on “Profound Contemplation” and even more so on “Mind Heist”. Sounds flow in and out to lead our brain in whatever direction that Padre Tóxico sees fit. The titles of the tracks and their order on the album are another piece of art. When we reach the midway point in “Climax” we are in the highest state and there is no turning back. 

As we build back up with “Seratonin Uptake” it is not long before we experience the “Comedown” and then the ever present “Side Effects”. This is indeed the full ride we were promised. The closer “Melt Your Ego” ties it all together and brings us back to a reality that in an ever so gentle way. 

Mandala is one of those albums that you truly have to listen to fro start to end. Set aside the hour and 5 minutes for yourself and dive into the full experience for yourself.

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