Paper Jackets pulls the “Trigger” with new single!

Paper Jackets release the “Trigger” with their newest single!

In light of releasing their debut EP, emerging indie-pop band Paper Jackets released the first single from Don’t Lose Your Head, “Trigger”!


“Trigger” is the synth-pop anthem of every 20-something-year-old, finding their way and living for each moment that comes with the journey. This electrifying bop has a joyful outlook on life and friendships. The lyrics are just as fun as the beat! It’s the kind of song you can listen to once yet you’ll be humming the chorus for the rest of the day. Then you’ll head back home and find yourself having a one-person dance party to the same chorus.

The LA-based band consisting of lead vocalist James Mason, Emily Dickinson on keyboard, guitarist Jonny Vesely and bassist Miles Franco has crafted their sound around dance-inducing beats, catchy lyrics, all brought together with dreamy synth-pop progression. The influence of several indie-pop artists such as CHVRCHES or Walk The Moon is present, emphasizing the band’s ability to appeal to any listener of pop music, whether it be independent or mainstream.


Don’t Lose Your Head is set to come out on August 3, with 6 tracks charged with indie rock glossed with a synth-pop energy. According to the band’s SoundCloud, Paper Jackets describes the lyrics of each song capture the feeling every young adult has faced, “transitioning from a more careless existence to fitting in with the bewildering idea of what it means to be an “adult.” This album celebrates embarking into the unknown, finding the good in every situation, and the challenges and joys that come with being young.


“Trigger” serves as great introduction to Paper Jackets’ forthcoming EP, you can listen to it on SoundCloud here:



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