PARADISE RESET “Take The Gold” With New Single

Paradise Reset, a.k.a. insanely creative songwriter, musician, performer, and producer Aaron Fitch, pushes the boundaries of how artful a pop single can be with his new song and music  video “Take The Gold (There Was One).”

Available now, “Take The Gold (There Was One)” is an upbeat, melodic pop/rock song rendered in a highly produced, stomping electronic style. It’s a great song that less-inspired minds would turn into a power chord-based pop/punk gem. Fitch, however, is much deeper water than that and has created a sound here that still brings the rock but includes electronic, pop, and dance vibes in a way that sets him apart from just about everybody. 

Music Video For ‘Take The Gold (There Was One)’ by Paradise Reset

The tune sits on a bouncing, kick drum-heavy beat but tops it with rapid-fire, stuttering sounds, strong rhythm guitar work, reverse delays, and other nicely-handled modern production techniques. Fitch clearly has a vision for his music that’s personal and all-encompassing, a happy fact that makes him a big blast of freshness in our often conformist world. His vocals are delivered in a low-toned whisper, which gives his lyrics a confessional feel that’ll quickly capture your attention. Fitch hits like an art rocker in pop star clothing on this one and it’s a good look.


Listen to this once and you’ll walk away with it installed in your ears. The quick-cut music video that accompanies the song is also entertaining and cool, showing us Fitch in many modes of action. 

Aaron Fitch is a wide-open talent whose output spans the globe from acoustic emo punk and melodic-metal electro to dreamscape rock and stomp pop. He’s an outstanding multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and producer with an ever-evolving sound. What he delivers on “Take The Gold (There Was One)”is just one aspect of his musicality and anyone looking for something new that’s actually original needs to dive into this track and the rest of his body of work. Paradise Reset is an absolute contender for the crown and it’s a sure bet that we’ll all be hearing more from this talented artist. 

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