Parker Bossley Releases Dance Worthy singles “Lonely Miracle” and “Squeeze”

Canadian-bred singer/bassist Parker Bossley gained recognition as a member of Hot Hot Heat in 2008. In 2018, he launched his solo career, releasing the ‘80s synth-pop-influenced single, “Lifted.”

Bossley is now back unleashing his latest singles, entitled, “Lonely Miracle” and “Squeeze.” The A-side opens with the title-track, where the music is melodic, upbeat and catchy that contain a poppy cadence. The electronic beats are bouncy with the music reflecting a contagious indie rock vibe. The energy is invigorating, balancing an electronic vibe with an infectious indie-pop feel.

On the B-side is “Squeeze,” where a lo-fi bass line undresses on this song. The track contains a minimal arrangement. The background vocals weave in and out of this song, giving it a dreamy and hazy feel. The pop sensibility to this track retains a Beatles-esque vibe with is accessible pop rock tune. Though stripped down, the song has an amped edge with its fully charged sound.

With a sound similar to The Shins and Arctic Monkeys, Bossley releases energized and tantalizing pop-rock beats that is definitely repeat worthy.

With an infectious energy, every song on this two-track EP is a highlight. With his smooth vocals and rock-tinged vibes backed by an electronic beat, Parker Bossley’s sound is unique and authentic. Be sure you have a listen today!

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