Peter Unger’s “If I Were a Hero” Is A Shining Light

In the midst of a pandemic and a tumultuous political climate, the only thing we know for sure is that things are uncertain. Rev. Peter Unger’s new single “If I Were a Hero” speaks to this difficult moment and urges listeners to find the hero deep within themselves.

Unger is a pastor, author, college instructor, and singer-songwriter. He writes and records spiritual folk music as an extension of his ministry work. After listening to his discography, it’s no secret why. He is an incredibly talented writer and musician who’s tracks feel deeply inviting and heartfelt. They meet listeners where they are and offer subtle, compelling wisdom.  

Prior tracks from Unger include “Song for Peace.” It is a track that embraces hope and is tinted with the lens of activism. “The Memories of God,” a more deliberately Christian track, creates a comforting picture of something beyond worldly endeavors at life’s end. What Unger’s tracks have in common are skillful acoustic guitar playing and a distinct thoughtfulness. “If I Were a Hero” is no exception.

The guitar playing brings beautiful simplicity to the track’s message. Gentle and soulful, it helps delivers an idea that seems somewhat innately true, yet often difficult to actualize. However, Unger urges that everyone can tap into the casual type of heroism that resides within us.

As a whole, the core of this song acknowledges that when we as individuals act on our core moral values, we can bring about collective positive change. More than a source of inspiration, “If I Were a Hero” is a call to action.

Genuine and resonate, Unger’s latest single is a relevant track for any folk listener. It is a vessel to explore a deeper sense of spirituality inside the context of our world today. Undoubtedly, “If I Were a Hero” is a track that listeners can draw hope and courage from in the coming months.

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