Phil Gammage Lets Us All Get ‘Redeemed’

Singer-songwriter Phil Gammage delivers a soulful batch of 20th Century-influenced songs about the human condition on his new album Redeemed

Released in February of 2024, Redeemed is an understated jewel of a record that installs itself deeper into your life with each successive listen. Phil Gammage is Texas-born but is now based in New York and you can feel both environments in his songwriting. He co-wrote many of the tracks here with Hudson Valley poet David B. Schell, a smooth move that added depth and diversity to the record’s lyrical elements. 

Phil Gammage renders his tunes in a laid-back style that will remind you of greats like Tom T. Hall, J.J. Cale, and Johnny Cash. The sound is definitely Americana but the vibe changes with each cut. He handles the lead and background vocals, guitars, harmonica, marimba, and keyboards. He also gets top-shelf support from Michael Fox (drums), Jeff Gordon (bass), Johnny Young (keyboards), Brian Hack (guitar), David Fleming (harmonica), and Joe Nieves and Lizzie Edwards (background vocals). Together, this crew makes Redeemed go down smoothly from one end to the other. 

Highlights on Redeemed are many. The opening track, “Good Place,” has a delicious 70s pop feel to it that’s friendly and uplifting. The smooth baritone voice of Phil Gammage fits this and the rest of his material perfectly and carries a spirit that will keep you listening. 

Watch the video for title track ‘Redeemed’ here:

“Woman in the Window” is a swampy, mid-tempo shuffle that features a cool, minor-key groove and some tasty guitar playing. Arguably the finest song on the set is the solid, gospel-tinged ballad “Redeemed.” It’s a chill, majestic song of faith and humanity that lets Phil Gammage give out every bit of emotion he’s got. 

Phil Gammage has a winner on his hands with Redeemed and his style will resonate with fans of old-school songwriters. Spin it a few times and the album will fully reveal itself to you. Don’t miss out.

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