Funny How Things Just Worked With Promises LTD’s New EP

In the world of music, situations are ever-changing and moves are always being made. Often times an unlikely grouping of musicians creates something more than the sum of its its parts. Electronic producer/musician Jeremy Malvin, also known as Chrome Sparks, happened to start making things work with Charlie Brand, the songwriter/frontman of pop-rock band Miniature Tigers.

This meeting of chance created Promises LTD, an indie electronica group with influences ranging from Purity Ring to Weezer. Last week, they released their debut through Majestic Casual Records. This four-track self-titled EP shows how two fundamentally different musical worlds can collide and mesh beautifully.

Everything Comes Together Naturally for Promises LTD

Charlie’s mournful lyrics and soaring tenor vocals shine on “Days of Lavender,” a single Promises LTD released as a teaser for the EP that made Spotify’s Top Ten Viral Charts. Jeremy’s production here creates a surreal musical environment that sucks you into a melancholic beat. Every resounding beat gently tugs at the heartstrings until the synth solo, where everything shatters and emotion can’t help itself from pouring out.

“American Eyes,” the second single released before the EP’s drop, is another great showcase of Malvin’s interesting soundscapes and Brand’s heart-calling voice. My favorite part of this song is when the first verse’s beat drops. Feelings culminate, then solidify when the drums hit, taking full advantage of stereo surround sound. This ballad is almost reminiscent of ’80s synth pop and is my personal favorite song on the EP.

Available on Spotify and Soundcloud, this haunting EP came together beautifully and naturally, and it makes me excited for what Promises LTD has in store for them in the future. Give them a listen, and if you like them give them support. Hopefully we’ll see tour dates soon!

If you like Promises LTD and indie electronica music, I’d also highly recommend checking out Majestic Casual’s channel on Youtube. They also have a ‘best of hip-hop’ and a ‘best of house’ playlist.

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