Psyclo Shares Her “Slaughter House”

For so many of us, music is an outlet for all of our feelings. The good, the bad, the really, really ugly. Listening to and creating music is cathartic for folks. LA’s own Psyclo uses writing uncensored lyrics to work through complex feelings. She brings her pain to the forefront of her music, expressing herself to the fullest in an attempt at relief.

Psyclo’s latest EP Slaughter House is now available on all major platforms. She packs a punch with this EP, holding nothing back for the listener. It’s raw, real, and everything that folks have come to know and love from Psyclo.

Listen to Slaughter House below

Loaded with wordplay that will cut like a knife, you’ll find yourself entranced in the lyrical content. Each song offers vulnerability and emotions that can’t be found in your standard top 40 tracks. Psyclo lays her heart on the line, pouring every drop of her human experience in to this EP.

Throughout the EP you’ll experience glimpses of pain, despair, death in the most natural way. The emotions are encapsulated into each track, translating well beyond the lyrical content. There’s sorrow built into the instrumentals and a soft strength behind the vocal delivery.

“Dear Angels” was a personal favorite on the EP. This song is very reminiscent of the dark and moody energy that Billie Eilish is known for. It’s immediately captivating in its quiet intensity and is a perfect middle mark for Slaughter House.

Overall, Slaughter House showcases a diverse and impressive range from Psyclo. It’s clear that she has channeled her life experiences into music that she can be proud of. You’ll find yourself enchanted and comforted throughout the six tracks on this EP.

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