Ra Ra Ruby Releases Energetic New Tune “I Need a Woman”

Australian three-piece indie rock band Ra Ra Ruby released their newest single, “I Need a Woman,” on September 29 in advance of their debut EP Dancing with Mannequins, due out this Friday.

The second single released from their upcoming EP, “I Need a Woman” is a catchy song that keeps you coming back for more and highlights the band’s eclectic style. With influences from ’80s rock band Australian Crawl to English indie band Circa Waves, Ra Ra Ruby has a truly unique sound that synthesizes and transforms the music that speaks to them.

Following the success of their debut single “Her,” “I Need a Woman” has an energetic chorus with a forward driven bass line that is the perfect complement to the band’s sound. With poignant and honest lyrics, “I Need a Woman” talks about the aftermath of a relationship, and the actions and reactions that one encounters and experiences after a relationship ends.

Ra Ra Ruby Eager to Perform for Larger Audiences and Record More Music

The band is recently coming off of a small tour along the East Coast of Australia, and their shows received a great response.

Independent Brisbane radio station 4ZZZ stated of Ra Ra Ruby that “it is only anticipated that this band will garner even more buzz.”

After the Dancing with Mannequins EP drops, the band is eager to begin touring again in the near future. They hope to begin playing at larger venues and for larger audiences in order to expand the reach of their music further.

Along with playing more shows, Ra Ra Ruby is also looking forward to writing new music. The band’s writing process is continuous, so they are excited to record new songs in the near future. Coming off of an enjoyable writing and recording process for Dancing with Mannequins, Ra Ra Ruby is hungry for more.

From their personal experiences to diverse musical influences, Ra Ra Ruby has created a sound that fits well into the indie-rock scene. With a simultaneous modern outlook and vintage undertones, the band’s sound should continue to develop. Their two currently released singles have garnered attention from many Australian radio stations and entertainment sources, and many are eagerly awaiting October 13.

Make sure to keep up with Ra Ra Ruby on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with news of new songs and future tour dates.

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