Raging Fyah Making “Everlasting” Impact on Reggae

The warm, inviting charm of Caribbean island life is something that is normally instilled within reggae music.

Developing in Jamaica in the late ‘60s, reggae evolved from the ska and rocksteady genres from earlier eras. Centering on traditional drum fills and using the familiar sounds of the steel drum, bands like Raging Fyah have been able to create music that is not only tonally appealing, but also evokes a feeling of bliss in its listeners.

With the release of their latest studio album, Everlasting, Raging Fyah takes their self-proclaimed “roots reggae” genre to another level. The band — which consists of Kumar Bent (lead singer), Courtland White (guitarist), Anthony Watson (drummer), Demar Gayle (keyboardist), and Delroy “Pele” Hamilton (bassist) — “carries the tradition of the island’s enduring roots rock reggae spirit with an expansive vision and fresh contemporary flare.”

Raging Fyah Creating Unexpected Reggae

Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, Raging Fyah is one of those bands that brings their hometown with them wherever they go. As soon as I played the album’s title track, I was immediately taken to the temperate Caribbean climate with the song’s sultry bass line and ska-influenced guitar riff. Bent’s intoxicatingly smooth vocals carry the song along so nicely; right away his voice entices listeners to sway along to the calming beat and soak up the enchanting trumpet sounds.

Tracks like “Ready For Love,” however, take the roots reggae genre above and beyond what is expected. The song opens up with an eerily agreeable synth sound that sounds like it’s being played on a Theremin, but as the track progresses an unexpected saxophone seduces the audience with a passionate solo that adds that contemporary flare the band is known for.

Personally, I would love to go to one of Raging Fyah’s concerts simply because their recordings make me feel so good. “Live Your Life” is a great example of the feel-good vibes that the band puts out, starting with the upbeat instrumental and coming full circle with Bent’s ability to recite reassuring and uplifting words of wisdom for his audience.

Lyrics like “Any time you lose your way, it’s okay now/ Ya is the captain of your boat, so don’t lose hope now” and “I’m gonna be the first to say, I’m gonna live my life my own way” encompass the unequivocal assertion of positivity, thankfulness and just plain old happiness.

It’s definitely impossible to listen to this music in a bad mood; Raging Fyah’s catchy beats and lyrics are enough to put a smile on even the worst Scrooges out there.

Any time you need a little pick me up, Raging Fyah’s “Everlasting” is sure to lift your spirits up in a fun, thoughtful manner. The sounds of the band exude with the vibrant spirit of island life, making for a great addition to any summer playlist.

If Everlasting itself was able to make me feel this good, I’d love to get a chance to see these guys play live — it’ll undoubtedly be a grand experience.

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