Rian Mac Seeks More Positivity In New Single

Oakland’s powerful trio, Rian Mac has set the bar for 2021 with their latest release “The Negative Brings Me Down.” Based on the tumultuous events of the last year and inspired in part by Peter Gabriel, Rian Mac was able to reflect on the year’s negativity while looking ahead to better days. The single is meant to help us rise above and heal. As we all are hoping better days are soon to come, Rian Mac brings us something we need.

The trio compromised of Rian Mac, Curtis Ohlson, and Steve Leahy have spent years as working-class gentlemen and seasoned performers. Each step in their journey leading them to the well-rounded musicians they are now. Together, they poured themselves into “The Negative Brings Me Down” to find a way to perfectly summate the state of our society.

“Coast to coast we see the violence. Another life forever gone. City Burning, tables turning. It’s going on for far too long.”

There’s a melancholy and woe within the wailing of the guitar and the instrumentals, setting the tone for song. Rian Mac sings the songs of chaos we’ve seen in America last year in each verse. Backing female vocals are added in throughout the chorus, bringing the brightness and hope for positivity. There’s a gentle power throughout the track that makes you feel as though you’ll weather the storm.

2020 has worn its wear on nearly everyone in various ways, and somehow Rian Mac was able to capture that in this single. But you’re not left feeling despair, but rather faith and hope for a better tomorrow.

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