Elevate with Rob Massard and “shine your shine”

Cinematic rock is a new term I’ve embraced. Using this term to describe Rob Massard’s music would not do Rob’s music justice. His music is a voyage. I know voyage rock doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, but Mr. Massard’s music is a soothing escape. Hailing from Detroit, the land of Techno, Rob Massard continues to carve his own lane. “Shine Your Shine” is the second song from the band’s latest LP, Ascension.

A plethora of elements and layers comprise the single. Dream laden pads mystique and wonder cue us something special is brewing. Setting the stage, a plucked guitar gently blows over our senses. Taking the baton, the vocals ensnare our focus, leading us through euphoric bliss. Inspirationally charged lyrics rest on soft building string synth pads slowly seeping into our ears. Delivery is everything and Rob Massard’s vocal melodies hit their mark. As the sounds swirl every note feels intrinsic. The song’s simple nature showcase its brilliant structure.

As the voyage continues, stealing a page from Guns n Roses “Estranged” and “November Rain” the song flips. Now strumming the plucked guitar, we seemingly pick up the pace as Rob sings “shine your shine” a little faster. Then, magic happens as someone hits the slow-motion button. Raining “ooooo’s” come down with such emotive glory, my eyes get teary. Get ready to hit the rewind button a few times.

After listening to this single, I feel like I went on a relaxing vacation. I’m motivated, I’m inspired, I’m going to “Shine My Shine”. Enya is an artist that comes to mind after listening to Rob Massard’s discography. His music sets our mind free, one track at a time. Rob Massard’s writing style is about walking confidently into the unknown. It’s about the journey, letting the open road come to you. In whatever direction the wind blows, we’re going. Love leads the way in this grand voyage. Buy the ticket, take the ride.

Find “Shine Your Shine” and more by Rob Massard HERE

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