“Five Lights” from Ron Brunk

Instrumentally, to say that the new single “Five Lights” from Ron Brunk is an intriguing number really wouldn’t be doing it justice; although primarily drawn from indie rock influences, this is a track that takes a little more from pop and retro garage rock than it initially suggests on the surface level. The cosmetics here are subtle, while the structural integrity of everything from the bassline to the lead vocal is lush with color and authentic strengths created only through strenuous repetition and discipline.

There’s a lot of luster to break down in the swing of “Five Lights” this summer – after all, when it comes to a player like this one, there’s scarcely a lone reason why they’re considered one of the best in their medium. Brunk isn’t coming to us with the same old same old in this track but instead pushing against the status quo buffers that have been designed to keep indie artists like him out of the conversation for years now. You can’t shake this rhythm once you’ve been exposed to it, and I think listening to this single will verify as much for anyone still uncertain of my statements.

It’s easy for me to understand the critical appeal of a singer/songwriter like this one in 2023; he doesn’t play by the rules, and yet his melodic interests lie somewhere on the same plain that a lot of his peers do. The balance that I’m hearing here, especially in the chorus of “Five Lights,” is such a strong focal point that I highly doubt it wasn’t meant to be one of the most important elements of this release.

Aesthetics are always open to interpretation, but taking into account all of the minor detail in this performance, I think Brunk is putting a lot on the line both behind the microphone and the mixing board. You’ve got to try big things to create a ripple effect; just look at the no-give-up on the rhythm behind the verses in “Five Lights” and tell me that going with the more conservative concept would have been good for this track. It’s not rocket science, but it’s also quite clever if you ask me.

Ron Brunk’s background as an artist does speak for itself. He’s been on everyone’s radar for more than a hot minute, rocked the underground when few thought he could even break the barrier and won over critics – myself included – with the pleasantries of a traditional pop musician sans the egomaniacal attitudes that normally accompany a mainstream release, and there’s no reason to think he’s going to slow down now.

There are a lot of big things in this man’s future, but at this moment in time, I think it can be said that Ron Brunk has one of the indie sleeper hits of the fall under his belt in “Five Lights,” and anyone who wants to know what all of the fuss about his music is would do well to give it a listen soon.

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