Rum Thief to Release Heavy-Hitting Rock Song ‘Surmise’

Rum Thief is the performing alias of Jon Green, a Manchester-based solo artist who’s got the mind for interesting lyrics and the ear for engaging melodies. Soon, Rum Thief has a new single coming out that will show off a different side of his sound.


Green spent years as a drummer, but he’s spent the past few writing and recording his own songs.


Most recently, he’s been working on a new song, something heavier and deeper than the sound typical for Rum Thief.

Rum Thief’s Single ‘Surmise’ Set to Come Out March 23

After performing in his first European festival, Rum Thief hit the studio again This time he’s been working with Sugarhouse Music, and it’s resulted in what they call his “most heavy-hitting single to date.”


“Surmise” opens with a bang, followed by a hard grooving bass line that continues throughout the song. It sets the foundation for Green’s slightly raspy but strong vocals which effortlessly soar over melodies full of wordy but sharp lyrics.


Green is assisted by his band, made up of Kieran Whitehouse on lead guitar, Gary Long on bass, and Chris Hobbs on drums. Each instrument is heavy and persistent, creating a deep-rooted energy for the song. It’s the perfect basis for Green’s voice and the songs tumultuous lyrics. 


“Do you ever get the feeling that you’re not so tough?…I feel like I’m out of my mind,” he sings in the chorus.


It’s a cool contrast to Green’s earlier solo music. Before “Surmise,” Rum Thief released two other EPs, both of which received critical acclaim.


The title track of his first release, Clouded Mind, is a great representation of where Rum Thief began.


It begins far from hard rock, instead settling inside a steady guitar rhythm. Still, Green’s powerful voice takes the lead, and it grows in intensity. The chorus offers a taste of the heavier sound that Rum Thief has recently developed, driven by a forceful drum beat.

Rum Thief’s other EP, released last year, is all about the lyrics. “Reach for the Weatherman,” the title track off the album, is more sparse in instrumentals. The focus is all on Green’s vocals and lyrics, and some of the wordy quality rubs off on “Surmise.” It’s a great example of how important lyrics are to Green. In the end, the words are the driving force.

While you’re waiting for the new single to drop, Rum Thief’s two EPs are definitely worth checking out. “Surmise” will be available to stream and to buy on March 23.

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