SaFEHead Releases a 19-song Masterpiece, “Dead Duck”

SaFEHead is easily one of the most lyrically gifted artists in the underground Hip-Hop scene and his latest album, Dead Duck, is 19 reasons why he deserves your respect.

To start, his delivery is 1 step short of perfection. His flow is extremely unique but always finds a snug fit in the beats behind him. I’d say he stands tightly between Spoken Word poetry and traditional Hip-Hop. Most of his work is reminiscent of hip-hop greats like Tribe Called Quest and Slum Village, but he definitely has that “X-factor” setting him apart from everyone before him.

Check out “Return of The Hustle”:



He doesn’t do too much singing, but his hooks always find themselves on the tip of your tongue the next day. They’re intentionally catchy, but SaFEHead never fails to put out lyrically sound material.

“But for now, you can keep the dollar
I just want the dream”

Like all of us, he fully intends to turn his talent into cash. But, for right now at least, he’s just in love with the music. That’s exactly the attitude the game is missing these days.


SaFEHead: Turn It Up!

You don’t just turn his music on, you turn it all the way up. Every song on Dead Duck is an easy listen and, with so many metaphors and punchlines, it’s hard not to play twice. The first listen is for pure enjoyment but the second time around gives you a chance to piece together his lyrical genius. With such a high vocabulary, SaFEHead hurls an onslaught of nouns and verbs in your direction – and it never fails to drop your jaw.

His most soul-driven track, “Gotta Be Magic” is a prime example. Here, he shows us the complete combination of all his talent. His flow, his vocabulary, and best of all, his knack for writing a catchy hook.



Want to see more SaFEHead? Check him out at






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