Severine Lead Us ‘Down the Rivers’

The latest single “Down the Rivers” continues the success Severine enjoyed with her first single “Not Obsessed.” It shows us another side of her blooming musical character. Despite the fact that the American born and European raised songwriter Severine has passionately pursued her musical interests since an early age, her talents have really taken off in a major way with her solo career and these first singles from her solo debut Not Obsessed.


She’s a musical artist with a clear conception of what she wants her songs to sound like and what she wants them to accomplish – “Down the Rivers” illustrates this amply and provides evidence that there may be more surprises yet in store from this powerhouse in the making. A great deal of the credit for her sudden and stunning success must surely be laid at the feet of producer Anthony Gallo as he provides both here, and on the aforementioned title track, a gloriously assembled opportunity to connect with the widest possible audience.



“Down the Rivers” is a special pop/electronica track because of the flawless balance it maintains from the first and expands on during the duration of the song. This isn’t a song whose sole focus is entertaining listeners; it does so, however, and marvelously. Instead, “Down the Rivers” clearly aims to both entertain and illuminate facets of Severine’s personal experiences. She’s an able chronicler of her own life and emotions while still proving herself able to make those private thoughts and concerns resonate for listeners on a much wider level.


That’s no small achievement. Her vocals, particularly the phrasing, make it all the more worthwhile. Severine mixes it up for listeners, pushing hard on some lines, leaning back on others. The variety of her approach makes the lyrics an even more rewarding experience because the audience is apt to feel closer to what she depicts, as if we’re living it with her.


Severine Looks To Continue Her Rise To The Electro-Pop Charts


The arrangement enormously benefits her goals. There’s a definite sense of structure that becomes apparent once you’ve made a single attentive pass through the track and later hearings only make it clearer. It’s the sort of tight build that suggests Severine and her producer Anthony Gallo began this recording process on the same page, remained that way throughout, and entered the studio with a clear plan or idea how they wanted the song to turn out. They are successful by any measure.


Severine is a powerful performer and framing her talents in such a way only underlines that power. “Down the Rivers” does more than continue the success of her first single; it enhances and builds on it in such a way that the upward trajectory of her development couldn’t possibly be clearer. She’s emerged from these two singles as one of the most formidable musical talents to emerge from the pop scene in recent years and there’s not even a minuscule sign of her slowing down in the future.  


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-review by David Shouse

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