Shelita Talks 2018 SXSW and New Music

If you haven’t checked out Shelita since her last single, “Penetrate” you’re missing great pop music. Releasing her first track of the year, “Hola” blends her sensual vocals with a fusion of trap, R&B, electro pop, and Brazilian baile funk. The track debuted in March but Shelita is gearing up for her next EP out later this year.


In March, Shelita took on SXSW, making her official debut at The Iron Bear in Austin, TX. After a successful 2017 where she peaked #1 on MTV’s popular artists chart, charted #14 on Billboard’s Next Big Sound Chart, and become a viral phenomenon on Spotify and Twitter, Shelita is revving up for an even bigger 2018.


The last release I got to talk about of yours was “Penetrate,” what’s been happening over the last year?

It has been was an exciting time for me. Since “Penetrate” there were a lot of firsts, it was my first time having songs chart on Billboard, and the first time I ever heard my song played on the radio in Los Angeles, and my first time ever being on a front cover a magazine, Music Connection.


Your new track “Hola” is different than “Penetrate” and I’m obsessed with them both. What direction are you hoping to take with your music this year?

This year musically I am going to push my own boundaries further as an artist. I am going to put out more content which is really exciting.


You spent a few years in Europe to chase after your music career, what things have you taken back to the US from that time across the pond?

I have my own sound and going to Europe really helped me validate that. I think every artist should expand outside of their hometowns. Doing that really helped me evolve as an artist.


At SXSW, you chatted about blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the music industry. How did you get started in those adventures? How have they benefited your career?

I started singing before I knew how to read or write. I started coding when I was 8 years old. I have always had a
passion for music and tech. As more people become aware and transact with crypto-currencies like bitcoin, the music industry is a space where creative use of technology is ripe for a real application of blockchain technology. One problem that exists in the music industry is the amount of time it takes for all of the creators and rights holders to get paid for sales on the services such as iTunes, Apple Music, and Amazon. Depending on the distribution means, it could take 3 to 9 months for an artist and writer to get paid. I saw blockchain technology as one of the solutions to getting paid faster.


What can we hope to see from you in the next few months? Hopefully more new music?

I am currently planning a tour for the fall, and I have been recording a lot in the studio so there will be a lot of new material coming out.


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