Get “Low” with The Silver Bayonets’ ’70s style

One thing that I quite like is when a band is able to blend many different sounds that correspond to different eras within their music. I’d say that I’m the kind of person that appreciates music from many different decades, dating back to the 1950s and sometimes earlier.

Incorporating these different styles in your music gives you a thumbs up in my book, and London-based indie alt rock group The Silver Bayonets achieves this with a certain proficiency that goes beyond their four years on the scene. Their musical influences include greats like Nirvana and indie rock groups such as Teenage Fanclub and Mega City Four, and these styles are shown through their latest single “Low.”

The song starts off with a subtle grunge/’70s rock sound that develops itself into a more punk rock tone. The instruments are in sync with each other and really help to pull the track together. There’s a steady tempo to it that changes with each verse leading into the chorus, so you can really differentiate between the different sections of the song.

I’d have to say that the guitar solo in this one really shows quite the bit of experience on their behalf. It sounds like something that you’d hear coming from classic bands like Guns N Roses or Aerosmith, something that you’d expect from a group with decades of experience. The cymbal is used nicely toward the end of the song, and the drumming really stands out as a highlight of the track overall.

“Low” is the type of track that is wise beyond its years, for lack of better word. There’s a sense of experience here that I wasn’t quite expecting from a band that’s been around for less than half a decade. I’d have to say they did a really great job with this one, and blending the ’70s sound with ’90s grunge style vocals really sets them apart from anything else you’ll hear.

Check out “Low” and more from The Silver Bayonets on SoundCloud.

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